A conference taking place in Poland today will discuss how to overcome administrative obstacles to the development of projects that allow people to generate and use their own renewable energy, and how to encourage the participation of local communities in this. Participants from the Polish government and other agencies and from European institutions will discuss how best to support citizens to become active players on the energy market via local renewable energy generation. European Commissioner for Energy and Climate Action Miguel Arias CaƱete will present the EU’s energy strategy, including the Commission’s ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ package, and the importance of renewable energy as a way of reducing carbon emissions, creating jobs, and enhancing security of energy supply in the EU.

The conference will focus in particular on the challenges of ensuring that rural communities have access to funding for the development of micro-sources of renewable energy, and are not deterred by high administrative barriers. Best practices from across the European Union will be discussed. It will also review the available sources of investment from the Polish government and the EU for these projects.

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